Network of Practicing Non-Oil Exporters of Nigeria


One of the principal objectives of the network is to engage with public sector regulatory agencies and export trade support institutions to craft strategies, programs and activities that will lead to an increase in Nigeria’s participation in global trade, with the direct impact being an enhancement of foreign exchange earnings from the non-oil export sector. The flagship event, which is also the vehicle for actualizing the objective is the annual Non-oil Export Conference, Exhibition and Awards (NECEA)

The event is envisaged to bring together critical stakeholders in the non-oil sector including top officials of government, civil society, private sector, the media and academia to dialogue on how to refocus the country’s non-oil sector, for a more effective participation in global trade, especially within the framework of the recently operationalized African Continental Free Trade Agreement.


The NECEA is also very necessary now given the current state of Nigeria’s economy as evident in the downward spiraling of the country’s currency vis-à-vis the US Dollar and other world currencies. There is certainly a need to revitalize the economy primarily through non-oil exports.


The proposed theme for NECEA 2021 is “Rebuilding Nigeria’s Economy through Non-oil Exports: A Strategic Imperative”


Objectives of NECEA

The following are the objectives of NECEA:

  1. Provide a forum for serious public-private sector dialogue to reposition non-oil exports as a major foreign exchange earner and significant contributor to Nigeria’s GDP.
  2. Design the appropriate strategy to enable Nigerian exporters effectively launch into the new single African market.
  3. Promote the needed application of modern technology to drive non-oil export within the global “new normal”.
  4. Use the virtual exhibition to showcase new opportunities in Nigeria’s and export-ready products and services.

Given that all the nation’s trade support institutions are domiciled within the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment, NPNEN-NECEA 2021, would provide an appropriate platform for each of the parastatals to come together with the full complement of Nigeria’s exporters to discuss their various strategies. NEPC, for example, has developed a robust Zero-Oil Plan, which it has advocated over the past few years. NEPZA has also introduced innovations in Free Zone practices that now make it easier for relatively “smaller” players to enjoy the benefits of Free Zones and Special Economic Zones status. The new MD at NEPZA certainly has several offerings to the non-oil export community and this event should provide an appropriate platform to launch these. NIPC, should also be able to use the platform to market Nigeria as a veritable Industrial Outpost where-in foreign investors could be invited to use Nigeria as production base for their already established markets abroad.

It is needless to say that the non-oil export sector has taken a nosedive since the technical suspension of the Export Expansion Grant about four years ago. The Ministry, through NEPC, has been working on several alternatives to EEG as policy support instruments to revive Nigeria’s export performance and to enhance the competitiveness of the country’s exports in the international marketplace. NPNEN-NECEA will therefore provide an appropriate platform for government to present its alternative policies with a view of securing the buy-in of the targeted operators.


Event Format

NECEA is a hybrid event with both physical and virtual formats. The physical event will be held in Abuja, Nigeria while participants all around the world can join via Zoom.

The event will have 3 segments:

  • Conference
  • Virtual Exhibition of Products and Services
  • The Awards